Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, can improve the shape, position or proportion of the ear. Otoplasty can correct a defect in the ear structure that is present at birth that becomes apparent with development or it can treat misshapen ears caused by injury.

Ear surgery creates a more natural shape, while bringing balance and proportion to the ears and face. Correction of even minor deformities can have profound benefits to appearance and self-esteem. If protruding or disfigured ears bother you or your child, you may consider plastic surgery.

Ear surgery can treat:

  • Overly large ears — a condition called macrotia
  • Protruding ears occurring on one or both sides in varying degrees — not associated with hearing loss
  • Adult dissatisfaction with previous ear surgery

During your otoplasty, which is usually performed under local anesthetic, your surgeon will reposition your ears through an incision in the back. Depending on your condition, your cartilage will be resculpted or a piece removed. Your surgeon may also use stiches to bend and shape ear cartilage in a better position.

Protruding ears can cause a great deal of emotional anguish for children and adults. For a child, the frequent teasing they may endure can have long-lasting effects on self-confidence. Fortunantely, otoplasty can most often be performed as soon as the ears have stopped growing, usually around age four. If an adult did not have their ears corrected as a child, they can seek otoplasty at any time with no additional risk. Earlobe surgery is another ear procedure appropriate for those with excessively large earlobes or earlobes that have been torn by earrings. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Otoplasty at Beyond MedSpa

What should I expect from the ear surgery procedure?

Ear surgery is a very effective way to correct excessively protruding ears. The impact the procedure can have on a child’s or adult’s self-confidence can be profound. 


What will my recovery time be?

Your results from an otoplasty will be immediate and you will most likely return to your normal activities that same day. 


Is ear surgery right for me?

To determine if otoplasty is right for you, call us at 419.429.7600 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you!


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