Cheek and Chin Implants

For a cheek implant the implant is inserted through an incision made either inside the upper lip or the lower eyelid. For a chin implant a small incision is made to insert the implant inside the mouth or in the skin just under the chin area.

Facial implants are used to improve and enhance facial contours. They are used to reshape a “weak chin” or to “strengthen” cheekbones. Many different materials are available for implantation, and your surgeon can determine which is best for your situation. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Cheek and Chin Implants at Beyond MedSpa


What should I expect from the cheek implant procedure?

Cheek implant surgery produces more pronounced cheeks. If you are unhappy with your facial structure – whether you feel you lack cheekbones or a strong enough chin – facial implants can be a relatively simple way to get the look you’ve always wanted. 

What should I expect from the chin implant procedure?

The purpose of the chin implant surgery is to bring your chin into balance with other facial features. The scar resulting from this incision is usually not noticeable. 

What will my recovery time be?

Normal activity can usually be resumed in two to three days after cheek implants and within a week after a chin implant. 

Are cheek or chin implants right for me?

To determine if cheek or chin implants are right for you, call us at 419.429.7600 to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you!


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