Chemical Peels at Beyond MedSpa

For more radiant and evenly toned skin, a chemical peel is a popular, non-invasive skin care treatment that involves minimal downtime. Chemical peels exfoliate the top layer of your skin, triggering cell renewal and collagen production. At Beyond MedSpa, we proudly use SkinMedica® peels, which were developed to be administered exclusively by trained skin care professionals and doctors.

For a refreshed glow, we offer three types of SkinMedica chemical peels in varying strengths: the mild Illuminize Peel®, the moderate Rejuvenize Peel®, and the advanced Vitalize Peel®. A series of peels may be recommended for optimal results. 

Illuminize Peel

This mild peel offers the benefits of a chemical peel with little to no visible peeling. With minimal to no downtime or discomfort, the superficial Illuminize Peel can improve the clarity, color, and texture of your skin. This peel features alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids and resorcinol to brighten skin and reduce sun damage, ultimately revealing a healthier, more youthful glow.

Rejuvenize Peel

For minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and improving moderate to severe skin imperfections, this moderate peel packs a punch with a skin-renewing combination of salicyclic, lactic, and retinoic acids. The Rejuvenize Peel also helps to smooth and hydrate the skin with resorcinol and panthenol.

Vitalize Peel

Our strongest peel can revitalize the skin and minimize signs of aging and sun damage with powerful anti-aging ingredients. Clinically proven to reduce fine lines, acne, and pigmentation concerns, the advanced Vitalize Peel contains salicyclic, lactic, and retinoic acids, along with resorcinol to smooth the skin, improving its overall tone and texture.

Chemical peels can reduce the appearance of:

  • Discoloration
  • Rosacea
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun damage
  • Scarring
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne

Frequently Asked Questions about Chemical Peels at Beyond MedSpa

How long does a chemical peel take?

From start to finish, you should plan on spending at least an hour for your chemical peel.

When will I see results from my chemical peel at Beyond Medpsa?

For superficial to moderate peels, you can enjoy more radiant skin within three to seven days after your peel. For an advanced peel, you can see improvement in the weeks and months following treatment as your skin heals.

Are there any side effects?

The amount of redness and peeling you experience is based on the intensity of the peel. A superficial peel will create no visible peeling, while a moderate peel can produce redness and flaking of your skin for three to five days. An advanced peel can add additional days of downtime and healing.

How do I know if chemical peels are right for my skin?

To determine if a chemical peel is a suitable treatment for your skin, call us at 419.429.7600 (Findlay) or 419.369.2288 (Bluffton) to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping you!


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