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No one can deny the restorative healing power of massage. For reducing pain, stretching tight muscles and reducing chronic areas of strain, therapeutic massages are an ideal treatment for anyone in need of some extra TLC. To address your body’s specific needs, we offer a variety of medical massages and techniques. Massage services are available at our Findlay and Bluffton locations. To schedule your relaxing massage, call us at 419.429.7600 for Findlay or 419.369.2288 for Bluffton. 

Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage provides the perfect remedy for stress induced tension. During a Swedish massage long gliding strokes and friction are applied to the superficial layers of skin to stimulate blood and lymph circulation. This lighter pressure treatment will help improve your overall well-being with a focus on relaxation.  


30 minutes – $40

60 minutes – $70

90 minutes – $95 


Swedish Packages

4 – 60 minutes (240 minutes) – $238

4 – 90 minutes (360 minutes) – $323

8 – 60 minutes (480 minutes) – $450

8 – 90 minutes (720 minutes) – $610   


Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage focuses on manipulating the deeper tissues of the body, while reducing chronic pain, improving blood pressure, rehabbing injured muscles and relieving stress.


30 minutes – $50

60 minutes – $80

90 minutes – $105  

Chair Massage

A chair massage effectively manages stress on the go and in the office with a 10 to 15 minute session. A chair massage lessens stress, increases productivity and creates a healthier and more energized workplace.


$1 per minute

Soothing Hands

A soothing hands massage provides a perfect renewal treatment to sooth and rejuvenate dry, overworked hands using warm moist heat, micro scrub and moisturizing balm.


20 minutes – $38

Fire and Ice

During a fire and ice massage you will feel rejuvenated with this circulation boosting contrast therapy massage. This massage is designed to decrease pain and increase circulation to areas where you need it the most. This customized therapy incorporates eucalyptus essential oil to enhance your therapeutic goals.


60 minutes – $120

90 minutes – $150 

Hot Chocolate Stone Massage (seasonal)

A hot chocolate stone massage will help you obliterate the winter blues and escape the cold with this stress relieving cocoa infused relaxation massage. During the massage hot stones are incorporated to help ease muscle stiffness and melt tension away.


60 minutes – $120

90 minutes – $150

Bamboo Fusion:

A bamboo fusion massage uses a technique to apply deep pressure that incorporates warm bamboo sticks to help soften muscle tissue and ease tension in tight muscles.


60 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $125

Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage provides a deeply relaxing treatment that melts away tension and eases muscle stiffness. During this massage smooth warm stones are placed at specific points on the body to allow deep heat to relax tight muscles. The stones are used as an extension of the therapists’ hands during this massage.


60 minutes – $90

90 minutes – $125



A sinus/migraine massage focuses on the head and neck using cold marble stones and therapeutic grade essential oil to help constrict blood vessels in the head and neck focusing on sinus pain, head pain pressure and congestion.


30 minutes – $45

60 minutes – $65

Medi-Cupping Massage

A medi-cupping massage is a deep tissue treatment where special cups are placed on the skin using a negative pressure technique to help increase blood flow, help with pain, inflammation and loosen adhesions.


30 minutes – $50

Therapeutic Massage

During a therapeutic massage a licensed therapist will assess individual needs for a specialized massage focusing on problem areas while reducing body stress, muscle fatigue, muscle strain and chronic injury.


60 minutes – $70

90 minutes – $95

Add-on Services

Hot/Cold Stone – $10

Cupping – $10

Aromatherapy – $10