Show Off Smoother Skin with Laser Hair Removal in Findlay, OH at Beyond MedSpa

Spring is finally here! Though it’s still a tad too chilly for shorts and bathing suits, it’s never too early toBeautiful woman in flannel shirt sitting on a window sill start prepping your skin for more revealing summer fashions. This season is the perfect time to start laser hair removal treatments at Beyond MedSpa for long-lasting hair-free, carefree skin. If you begin treatments now, you could be bathing-suit-ready in time for summer!

Laser hair removal is a non-invasive treatment that targets and disables hair follicles on any area of your body, from your upper lip to your legs. Since hair growth is cyclical and hair follicles are active at different times, a series of treatments performed over a period of several months is recommended for optimal results.

Giving your razor the old heave-ho has other benefits, too. Think of how much time you’ll save if you don’t have to shave! You’ll avoid unsightly nicks, cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor burn! Plus, you’ll save money and shrink your carbon footprint by not contributing more plastic razors to landfills. We could go on and on, but do we really need to?

Free yourself from the hassles of hair removal this spring! To get started, call us at 419.429.7600 to schedule your consultation.